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Looking for a breath of fresh air?  A thoughtful gift for a friend?

A way to relax and unwind?

Fresh cut flowers can help!

Studies have shown that being surrounded by green space and flowers is good for our health. Our creativity and problem-solving skills are boosted, our mood is lifted, our overall physical health is enhanced and our stress is reduced. Isn't that great?

Here in Eastern Ontario, our flowers are grown in fresh air, sunshine and rain. They are grown chemical-free using natural, organic methods. We start with healthy soil which promotes healthy plants. And healthy plants help make a healthy you!

These flowers are unique to the rigorous growing requirements of our region. Bouquets you receive in your hands from us are resilient and have most likely been through hot blazing sun, wild summer storms, soft rainy days and frosty nights. 

This means our flowers are healthy and wholesome, and you will find beauties here that you will not likely find in a box store. (Growing over 50 varieties means lots of choice!) I grow flowers that would not ship well in cardboard boxes or plastic totes, but yet will last beautifully in your home, office, restaurant, or by a loved one's bedside.

Our abundant, fresh flowers are available to you, May through October. They are picked and seasoned within 48 hours of being in your hand.

From specialty tulips to scented peonies to bright zinnias and elegant dahlias, flowers brighten your day or soothe your soul.

Flowers are here for you, one bouquet at a time, or bunches at a time.

Let me know what you are looking for!

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